Nov 5, 2008

Its Santhanam in Enthiran the Robot

It’s not Vadivelu or Vivek. Its Santhanam the young comedian gets a big appointment to work with rajinikanth and Shankar in India’s big movie Enthiran the Robot
This appointment comes as a big boost to the young Santhanam who is already making waves with his comic way of acting. Director Shankar hitherto used the services of Vivek was the comedian in the films ‘Boys’, Anniyan’ and ‘Sivaji’and Vadivelu in ‘Kadhalan’ and ‘Mudhalvan’
The opportunity of acting with Rajinikanth in ‘Endhiran’ might just propel the talented Santhanan to absolute stardom.

Nov 1, 2008

Enthiran the Robot shooting in ECR

As per the original schedule the Enthiran the Robot shooting should go on KuluManali but because of change in plan now the Enthiran the Robot shooting was going in Chennai ECR road the reason for this is the heroin AishwaryaRaj is in kerala Mani Ratnam’s Ravana and Ashokavanam .

So director Shankar decided that he will go ahead with the portions involving only Rajinikanth without waiting AishwaryaRai. Shankar feels grateful to her for agreeing to act in his film, so Shankar is making quite a lot of adjustments in Endhiran’s schedule

Shankar always have plan B, if one plan goes down, there is always a plan B or C for him and they have all been planned previously. But every one in the industry is surprised as this could be the first time a Rajinikanth film is facing change of schedule due to a heroine’s non-availability